About Us

Company Introduction

Juson Mold is an OEM manufacturer focusing on plastic mold & molding, die casting mold and CNC machining. We serve companies of all sizes and across industries throughout the world with expertise and care. Our products and service be widely used in Automotive, Appliance, Electronic, Defense, Energy and Consumer Applications etc. No matter you’re a small firm or a big firm, Juson is here to assist and cultivate a partnership through strategic planning and budgeting.
We aim to provide our customers with secure business continuity plans and make sure their business initiatives not be inhibited by their technology. We’d like to grow together with our customers.

Our Advantages

We can provide one-step service for our customer from project evaluating, mold designing, mold manufacturing, injection molding, packaging and shipping. We have full equipped facilities can meet most requirement.

Tooling Solutions

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10 /20
Juson helps customer modify the product design
Tooling Solutions 2021-10-20

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Juson helps customer design mold drawings
Tooling Solutions 2021-10-12



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